Rush hour in Marian’s halls

Why passing periods need an extension

Opinion by J1 reporter Emma Herold

“Do you have a pass?” my teacher asks me after switching classes from the band room in the PAC to the opposite side of the third floor. “No,” I reply, hoping she will understand four minutes is not enough time to get to opposite ends of the school.
Whether she lets me off or not, four minute passing periods are ridiculous, given the circumstances of hallway traffic. The rush of people is even worse after lunch. I have been late to class many times because of all the people racing to class within four minutes.
I understand that the teachers value our learning time, however, it is unfair to be penalized with tardies, and eventually discipline points, for something that the student can’t control. If the student is consistently, abnormally late, then it would make sense for it to result in discipline points.


EMpowering Thoughts

When other adults found out that we only had four minutes to get from class to class, they were shocked. “What if you need to stop at your locker?” Well, the safest option is to just keep all of your books in your backpack all day. This creates many problems with organization and even back problems from hauling around your entire locker, simply because you aren’t given the time to make stops.

With other schools, such as Prep, given 10 minute passing periods and even dismissed earlier than Marian, I don’t see the harm in extending our passing periods to a more reasonable time. Although Prep has block scheduling, that still adds up to 40 minutes of passing periods per day, while Marian stands at a total of 33 minutes. That could add almost a minute to each passing period at Marian.

If extending passing periods is not an option, another solution could be to dismiss class in the PAC one minute before the bell. The last minute usually includes students just packing up and waiting for the bell to ring anyways.
Extending passing periods would be very beneficial for students and wouldn’t hurt anyone.


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