How to people watch 101


With the words, “people watching,” one can usually call to mind an experience that involves averted eyes and faked distractions. It could stir up curiosity, excitement, imagination, or even awkwardness. It could even bring to mind recent experiences in which one was caught watching someone else or was caught being watched.

In this issue’s survey, about 75 percent of Marian girls indicated that they have previously people watched. The most popular locations for this activity included: the airport, mall, pool, library, park, restaurant, church, school dance, movie theater, beach, stoplight, concert, gym, and downtown. Another 56 percent claim that they have never been caught.

The best people watchers can get away with observing social interactions without detection. Staring contests, jerky movements, and shaky smiles plague people-watchers everywhere. In the worst instances, uncomfortable conversations can result. These girls can attest to awkward people watching experiences.

IoneEIone Enderez ’17

The best place to people watch?
Westroads mall in the summertime is the best place to people watch.

Describe an experience:
I was sitting in the food court close to Charlie’s Subs and I saw multiple semi-private moments. One of them was a couple breaking up. I was stealthily observing them from a few tables over.

What happens if you get caught?
I pretend to look down at my phone or look into the distance as if I am distracted.

Is it related to spying?
People watching could be called straightforward spying. It’s not malicious; it’s just curiosity.

Why people watch?
People are bored with their lives, so they look around and inevitably see and hear things they probably shouldn’t.

GoschSarah Gosch ’19

What’s the best place to people watch?
Watching people at swim practice when the coach gives a set. It is just funny to see their expressions and reactions.

Describe an experience:
One time in a grocery store, someone couldn’t find something, so they were frantically walking down the aisles.

What happens if you get caught?
It results in awkward situations. I usually just stare at my phone. If I do happen to make eye contact, it results in an awkward staring contest.

Is it related to spying?
It is only spying if you are familiar with the person you are watching.


Why people watch? People get bored, and they want to something to do.

FlaxbeardSara Flaxbeard ’16

The best place to people watch?
Definitely the airport because there are different types of people to watch. I am a curious person and I like to try to figure out who they are with and why they are going to a particular place.

What happens if you get caught?
I get caught quite a bit, especially by my family.They ofen have to tell me to stop staring. at is why I have been given the name, ‘Starea’.

Is it related to spying?
No, I don’t think it is. It is more like curiosity.

Why people watch?
It is fun to pretend that you know someone else’s story.

AnnaSAnna Swoboda ’18

What’s the best place to people watch?
A place where a lot of people are moving, that way they don’t usually notice you watching them. Malls are great places.

What’s your most memorable people watching experience?
I was at the mall with a friend, and we saw a guy with the most absurd hairdo ever, and my friend leaned over to me and whispered, “My hair when I wake up in the morning,” and we could not stop laughing.

What happens if you get caught? I act like I am staring off into space. Never jerk your head or eyes away as it will give you away.

Is it related to spying?
I don’t think it is. Spying seems more like you intend to watch one person in particular for a specific reason

Why people watch? I watch others to see how they are different from me. Sometimes I try to guess what they are doing at that place, or what their lives are like.

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