Is ‘Insta-worthy’ price-worthy?


Being the lover of food and social media I am, stalking foodie accounts on Instagram is an obsession of mine. Too often I find myself at 1 a.m. mindlessly scrolling through pages like @thisisinsiderdessert or @ny.foodie, drooling over the elaborate munchies.

DSC_0101This hobby is what led me to the Sugar Factory. I wanted to know if all the social media hype surrounding this particular restaurant, including celebrity endorsements, launch parties and extravagant looking desserts, was worth it. So, on my trip to Chicago for dance in late March, I asked my mom if we could go.

Upon sitting down and reading over the menu I began to realize something: the prices were RIDICULOUS! But I came for the extreme dessert advertised on social media, so I had to deal with the extreme cost. I ordered a “Sundae for Two,” expecting just a slightly large bowl of ice cream. What was placed before my eyes was huge platter of insta-worthy ice cream, and I fell in love.

As I dug into the $15 dessert, I felt as though I was living the life of a paid blogger. Except, ironically, I was the one paying. Despite looking huge, it was just three scoops of ice cream for a couple of hungry kids. For $15, you could buy at least two sundaes and a large order of fries at Dairy Chef. Instagram had broken my bank and left me unfulfilled.

In our generation’s eyes, everything on social media looks better: a person’s life, cities, the beach, or, in this case, food. I have fallen into the habit of doing or paying anything to take a picture for my followers to be in awe over. The reality is a picture on social media is not the whole story.

Although the Sugar Factory version of the dessert may make for a better picture on which your followers can comment “That looks like Heaven on earth!”, your wallet isn’t going to have the same reaction as @lildebbie94. So, sure you can splurge to eat like a paid food blogger once in awhile; trust me, it’s fun. But to be honest, a $1 McDonald’s McFlurry can satisfy your sweet tooth just as much as a $15 sundae.

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