A community full of optimism

event_39798.pngDaylee Daubert

Every year schools in the Omaha area nominate students to be recognized for their achievements. Those who are nominated attend a luncheon to display their achievements and their optimistic qualities.

The Optimist Club is an organization in Omaha where people focus on doing good things for the community. The nominees for the Optimist luncheon this month are Lydia Hogan and Sidney Anthony. They embody the qualities of leadership, friendship, honesty, truth, prosperity and hard work. The people that get picked imitate the Optimist Creed and have certain qualities that make them stand out. Marian recognizes eight girls every year. The Optimist Club holds one luncheon a month to recognize the important people in our surrounding areas that are making a difference in the community.

Teachers and counselors of Marian always keep their eyes peeled to find eight girls who perfectly resemble the specific qualities of the Optimist Creed and all the hard work it takes to become an optimist.

The Optimist Club has a chapter in Omaha, and they have three schools they pick from. An elementary school, middle school and high school. Those three schools are Marian, Lewis and Clark Middle School and Western Hills Elementary. Out of those three schools, they pick two students from each school that they think should be the student of the month and get recognized for their achievements and reflect the Optimist Creed.

Every month, starting Oct. 24, Marian invites the nominees and their parents and counselors to attend a luncheon recognizing their achievements. This year, Marian’s first Optimist Luncheon will be held Oct. 24 at Oak Hills Country Club at noon with the learning service coordinator, Mrs. Priscilla Trecek, the nominees and the parents.

This is a important event, and everyone needs to thank those in the community who are nominated. They go out of their way to please everyone and see the good in every situation.

They talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person they meet. They also don’t hold onto their mistakes; they focus on greater opportunities they will achieve in the future. Every person deserves to get recognized in their own way even if they aren’t part of the Optimist Club.

        Considering all the indifferences in today’s world, we must remain optimistic in our faith and be diligent in our kindness to be able to move forward as a society.

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The Network is the student newspaper of Marian High School, Nebraska's only Class A College-Preparatory School for young women.

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