‘The Plague’ won’t get these players down

Emma Williams

With another season over half-way over, Marian’s Varsity basketball team is continuing to put in full effort, despite the injuries and illnesses that may threaten their motivation. Senior Mia McGrath said, “I really want to be a part of the team that is part of the comeback for Marian basketball history; it really helps me stay motivated and push the team toward success.”

Senior Rebecca Townley is in her last season of Marian basketball, but her injury has led her to an unexpected but still exciting season. Townley tore her ACL during a scrimmage in the beginning of the season. “I’m one of the three captains, but since I can’t play during games, I sit on the bench and cheer my teammates on and encourage them to either shoot or drive, or do whatever they need to do,” Townley said.

Apparently this is not the first season that has come with woes. McGrath even has named this conflict “The Plague.”  “One by one, we get struck down with an illness or injury, so we are currently trying to resurrect from that,” McGrath said. The team may be hurting, but they have each other to gain the support that they need. Townley said, “Seeing our bond develop and getting close as teammates has been a lot of fun; it’s been one of my favorite parts.”

Nonetheless, Marian’s Varsity basketball team has a unique way of thinking about the effects of “The Plague.” “We are trying to fulfill our roles in a different way than we originally thought,” McGrath said. Sophomore Celia Hacker has become accustomed to her new role just in the past couple weeks. “From the bench, we see so much, and you can become more of a vocal leader on the sidelines,” Hacker said. Nothing can break Varsity basketball’s spirits as the team plays  on in the season. And if “The Plague” does try to keep them down, Townley has an effective method to utilize all the players to the best of their abilities: “When people get hurt or injured, I impart my wisdom unto them and help them step into the new roles they have to play.”

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