The Cheesecake Factory provides a delicious experience for all

Review by J1 Reporter Claire Thiele

Over Christmas break, I had the opportunity to enjoy a meal at The Cheesecake Factory at Westroads Mall. I went with my family and we were instantly greeted when we walked into the restaurant. It was pretty dark and loud, which made it hard to communicate with the hostess. We went around 6:45 on Christmas Eve and it was fairly busy. After talking with the hostess, we were handed a buzzer to hold onto and waited for about 25 minutes before being seated. Soon enough, we were sat down by the same hostess, and were placed in a booth along the back wall. Our waiter was quick to greet us and took our drink order. We then flipped through the menus and found what we wanted for our meals in about 10 minutes. As soon as we gave our orders, we dug into the warm bread in front of us. The food did not come out until about 20-25 minutes had passed, but the bread kept us company. I was very pleased to see that our waiter had gotten every order correct and did not mess up. 


Overall, this dinner was something I look forward to visiting again. The service was excellent and our food was even better. Although it was a loud restaurant, where we sat definitely helped. As for prices, it was moderately priced. My bowl of fettuccine Alfredo, that I could not finish, was around $15. My mom and sister’s salads were around $13 each, my dad’s steak with beans and mashed potatoes was about $20, and my brother’s cheeseburger and fries were about $16. We then ordered three slices of cheesecake to share for about $7 each. I would recommend The Cheesecake Factory to anyone looking for a tasteful restaurant with many options.




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