Inner Rail provides a variety of cuisines

Review by J1 Reporter Lexi Ketcham

Inner Rail is a new and upcoming food hall that has 10 different restaurants within it. It is located on 67th and Frances Street in Aksarben and open seven days a week typically from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. I had never heard about it until my friend recently took me, and I was pleasantly surprised. 

The interior was modern, which is something I appreciate in restaurants. It was clean and looked nice with spacious seating inside and outside. I enjoyed having options of different cuisines and even desserts. Many times it’s hard to make decisions of where to eat with other people, but Inner Rail makes it easier for everyone to get what they want. Although I don’t live close to Aksarben, I think it’s a great area with lots to do. 

Inner Rail isn’t too fancy, so you can wear anything, which is nice when looking for good food, but still wanting something casual. In addition, prices seemed normal and not too expensive in my opinion. My full pizza was about $13, but gluten-free typically costs more. Because there are 10 restaurants, there are multiple options for those with allergies, like me. 

The only negatives I noticed were slight things and may have only been that day. For one, there weren’t any cups out because they ran out and I was searching for a glass until I had to ask. Also, there was an ice cream place where no one was behind the counter. We waited for someone to come and eventually had to ask for them to have someone serve us. The service could have been a bit better. 

The entrance to Inner Rail is through a parking garage without many signs, so it’s somewhat hidden. If I was driving by, I don’t think I would have noticed it. I never knew about it until my friend who lives near there mentioned it, so a recommendation would be to advertise more because I think people who don’t know about it would enjoy it. 

I ate at Noli’s Pizzeria and Ela’s for dessert. I’ve been to the original Noli’s before and knew they had gluten-free pizza, so I went with what was available and familiar. It tasted incredible and the price seemed good. I had a dish of ice cream with two toppings at Ela’s for $5, which was also delicious, although I had to wait for it. I do wish Ela’s had more options, however, because they only had soft serve vanilla and chocolate ice cream with toppings, so the options were limited. 

Ultimately, my experience at Inner Rail was a positive one, and I enjoyed my time there. I’m aware the restaurant has only been open since Oct. 3 and could have just been busy that day, so I will definitely be back. I hope to try something new and have another delightful experience.

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